SUKi tells the story of the ties between Japan and the Philippines through the voices of academics, cultural workers, and practitioners from the Philippines, Japan, and all over the world who have worked with the Japan Foundation.


A Fleeting Beauty words and photos by  Jane J. Panganiban It is quite well known that flowers have always played an important role in Japanese culture since ancient times. But

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Three Years and Counting

What I Learned When I Started Using A Techo words and photos by Hasmin Dela Pena Moving back to my hometown in 2018, away from all the cultural activities of

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A Beast in Wakayama Forest

words by and photos by Monzour Buendia Umali Summertime in Japan is not too different in the Philippines. The season is marked by the sound of crickets singing in chorus

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Story of Blue

Kenta Watanabe and the Different Shades of Aizome Words by Mariah Reodica In a world of fast fashion and mass production, the care that goes into artisanal indigo dyeing stands

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Peak Flavor

A Conversation with Mount Coffee’s Shohei Yamamoto Interview by Wataru Abe & Words by Spike Acosta Japanese tea culture is deeply rooted and steeped in ancient tradition. Throughout the centuries

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